Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Milk Thistle

The active part of the plant are its seeds. 

An excellent tonic and invigorating natural substance that detoxifies our liver. It protects our liver from damages that viruses, free radicals and various toxins can cause (such as alcohol, drugs, pollutants etc.).

On the one hand it stimulates the regeneration of liver cells while preventing, on the other hand, the cancerous liver cells reproduction.

It also prevents the deposition of fat in the liver and increases glutathione (an important antioxidant). It reduces hepatic enzymes and is proved to be effective in cases of cute and chronic viral hepatitis. It protects us from light and severe liver damage that alcohol causes.

Beneficial for psoriasis sufferers.

Useful in the prevention and treatment of gallstones.

Health aid for digestion.

Perfect antidote to a poisonous  mushroom named Amanita phalloides.

It is extremely safe even if it is consumed in high doses and for a long time.

It is preferable to use standardised and with guaranteed power supplements in order to be as certain as possible of  the quality and quantity of the active component of the milk thistle extract contained in the supplement. (silymarin).

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