Thursday, December 29, 2016

Oxidative Stress

We have chosen to start with our first story giving priority to the very important threefold: Oxidate Stress - Inflammation - Cancer.

Therefore, in the order the above terms are mentioned, it’s easily understandable that unless an inflammation preexists, the disease of cancer cannot appear in one’s body which leads to the logical conclusion that unless an oxidative stress preexists, inflammation(s) cannot appear in one’s body.

This is why it’s so important to deal primarily with Oxidative Stress. Well then, to start with let’s define:
1. What we mean by the term Oxidative Stress
2. How Oxidative Stress is created in our body
3. What damages it brings
4. How we can prevent or cure  those damages

First things first, what do we really mean by the term Oxidative Stress?
Well, simply, it’s the wear and deterioration, that our system suffers, brought about by the increase of the free radicals.

The more we age, the more the oxidant damage of the free radicals is increased which, as we all understand, is considered to be one of the main factors of the aging procedure, together with a number of degenerative conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis and other disease.

We have mentioned above the term “free radicals”.

What are those “free radicals” then, and why do they threaten our health?

Well, “free radicals” are substances that our body produces, for the procedure of its normal every day functions, (such as the metabolism of food or  physical exercise) but as well as while we smoke or inhale pollutants from the air or are exposed to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays etc.

Under normal conditions, as soon as the “free radicals” accomplish their mission, are damaged by the antioxidant systems of our body. However, when our immune system is under continuous hyper stimulation for a number of reasons, such as smoking or excessive stress then the amounts of “free radicals” are larger than those our system can defeat or neutralize.

The main factors that can increase the levels of the rate of the “free radicals” are:
1. Smoking
2. Anxiety
3. Bad nutrition
4. Environmental pollution ( of water and air)
5. The sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays
6. Medicines
7. Alcohol
8. The chemical additives in  food and other toxic substances.

As a result the oxidative stress appears to be very damaging for our tissues and generally our health. It is triggered when the balance between the rate of the production of “free radicals” and the defence capability of our body against them is disturbed. At this point we need to underline the importance of the antioxidant food supplements which contain strong antioxidant substances capable of eliminating the “free radicals” and as a result protect our body.
How can we possibly, then, reduce the antioxidant stress?

We consume fruits of the season and raw, colored vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, oily fish, leguminous crops, whole ground products, spices and drinking 6-8 glasses of fresh water, daily. The main antioxidants are considered to be vitamins C,E , Glutathione GSH,  Carotenoids,  Polyphenols PP, Selenium, Zincum, Lycopene and Q10.

N.B : We can measure the oxidative stress levels with a special blood test. Moreover, if we decide to use antioxidant food supplement we should be very careful with choosing the right ones. If we do not have the knowledge to do it then we’d better ask someone who is certified. Great attention is recommended and should be paid to the additives contained in food supplements, when choosing them, as well as to the dosage! For example if you take Vitamin C then make that the supplement contains flavonoids and is free of toxic additives such as aspartame.

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